Man Announces He’d Rather Be Single Forever Than Date Another Ugly Woman

In a recent revelation that has sparked widespread debate, a man boldly declared his preference for

“attractive and busty” women, asserting that he refuses to “settle for second best” in his pursuit of a partner,

even if it means remaining single for an extended period.

Kevin, a 42-year-old machinist hailing from Methil, Fife, candidly shared his perspective, describing his high standards as a “lifestyle choice” that many men share.

In an interview with The Sun, Kevin elaborated on his criteria for a potential mate, emphasizing his preference for women with long hair worn down rather than styled up. Despite acknowledging that he’s not a carbon copy of Brad Pitt, Kevin confidently asserted his ability to attract women he deems “reasonable.” However, he

admitted that adhering to such stringent standards makes it more challenging to find a suitable partner.

Kevin’s journey in the realm of romance has been characterized by periods of singledom punctuated by brief relationships. Although he had a long-term partner in the past, he has been navigating the dating scene on and off for the past three years. Despite a temporary romance that blossomed from a social media encounter in 2022, Kevin remains steadfast in his refusal to compromise on his preferences.

Navigating the dating landscape proves particularly challenging for Kevin, who abstains from alcohol, eliminating traditional meeting spots like pubs and bars from his social repertoire. Furthermore, he finds little success on dating apps, where he encounters a lack of responsiveness and individuals who fail to meet his exacting standards.

Undeterred by the obstacles he faces, Kevin remains resolute in his determination not to lower his standards.

Despite the allure of companionship, he remains committed to finding a partner who aligns with his ideal vision. On TikTok, where he predominantly shares content featuring his beloved dog, a Boerboel named Blade, Kevin has amassed a sizable following, garnering over 25,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of likes.

In one of his TikTok videos, which has garnered over 10,900 views, Kevin candidly discusses his dating “icks,” detailing his aversion to certain behaviors and attributes in potential partners. Among his qualms are women who are overly vocal in the bedroom and those who exhibit selective responsiveness to his messages. He also reiterates his aversion to individuals whose appearances fail to meet his standards, underscoring his unwavering commitment to his preferences.

However, Kevin’s unabashed honesty and rigid standards have elicited mixed reactions from viewers. While some applaud his candidness and refusal to compromise, others criticize his approach as shallow and unrealistic.

Commenters have expressed dismay at Kevin’s uncompromising stance, suggesting that his stringent criteria may be contributing to his prolonged single status.

Despite the criticisms leveled against him, Kevin remains undeterred, steadfast in his pursuit of a partner who meets his exacting standards. While his approach may not resonate with everyone, Kevin’s unwavering commitment to his preferences serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives and priorities that shape individual experiences in the realm of romance.






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