17 Times People Were Confident In Their Answers BUT Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Overconfidence is usually why most people fail in certain situations. But that does make for funny scenes for onlookers who would probably take pictures or videos.

So today, we have 20 such occasions when people were too overconfident in their answers only to be wrong.

17 Times When People’s Overconfidence Led To A Moment Of Bant

1. Just Face Your Ignorance

Image Credits: Facebook
One user believed that using facial recognition would ensure that the government had one’s details. This was when another user trolled them for not knowing about how driving licenses worked.

2. Zeus, The Hyper-Potent

Image Credits: BoredPanda
Someone’s overconfidence made them look like a fool before a student of classical studies by stating that Zeus had just one son.

3. Frankenstein

Image Credits: Reddit
Another user on a social media site argued about Frankenstein participating in a bodybuilding competition- when the original poster was simply talking about the scientist- not his creation.

4. History Lesson

Image Credits: Facebook
Yet another Facebook user claimed that Martin Luther King Jr wouldn’t be agreeing to a particular quote- not caring that the quote in question had been said by MLK himself.

With the pandemic being a thing of the near past, misinformation was at its peak. One Twitter celeb tried to talk about government conspiracy- when someone else shut her down.
6. Divine Message

Image Credits: Facebook
Someone on Tumblr tried to argue about God’s intentions when another user commented on a passage straight from the Bible to close their shop.

7. History Class Skipped

Travis Akers couldn’t stand Fox News spreading misinformation- that could easily be rectified via Google and chose to post about it on Twitter.

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8. Forgotten Toys

Image Credits: Reddit
A simple post on Reddit where a user reminisced about gel pens that changed color led to a huge rant by another user- who simply didn’t know that such pens existed.

9. Age Gap

Image Credits: Facebook
When a Facebook user tried to shame the current education system while solving a basic arith






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