“Cannot justify this”

Due to their refusal to play with a transgender lady who is a biological male, two female darts players have left their team. The girls, Anca Zijlstra and Aileen de Graaf, are leaving the Dutch national team because they won’t play darts with a male player on their women’s squad who is not their biological father.

The two real ladies talked about their departure from the squad on social media, verbally expressing their displeasure at a guy infiltrating their group. They shared quotes from them on ABC.Net.The sports report’s AU:
It’s time to leave the Dutch squad the moment you feel ashamed to play for them because a biological guy is on the women’s squad, the author stated.
In my opinion, fair and level playing fields that are to be utilized and accepted in good faith are essential for sports. We have put in a lot of effort to be competitive and relevant in this sport, after all.
Along with her resignation, De Graaf, a member of the Dutch national squad, announced her departure in a comment on the page.

She wrote, “If something goes against your feelings, you have to make decisions at some point.”You must act in accordance with your gut. Thus, I have decided to quit the Dutch team as well.
Outspoken former tennis player Martina Navratilova expressed her disapproval of the triumph, saying it “stinks” and that “again, women get the short end of the stick,” after learning of the transgender woman, who is a biological male






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