It’s “small, but super cozy”: the guy bought a 290-square-foot house to save money on rent!

It’s “small, but super cozy”: the guy bought a 290-square-foot house to save money on rent!

Trinh was a visionary person who wanted to be financially independent and travel the world. Like many others, he had to figure out how to balance his limited time and money. Because of this, he chose to save money on living space. As a result, Trinh bought a cute 27m² tiny house, which greatly cut his costs.
“The main reason we moved into a smaller home was to get ahead financially and have the option of retiring early.” Trinh says, “The savings are now going into a fund, and I plan to retire when the fund has grown to 25 times my monthly living costs.”

But how does someone get used to living in such a small space? The interior has a Scandinavian style, with lots of light and airy spaces made up of wooden elements and a simple design. The large windows and lots of indoor plants give the house a natural feel that really stands out.
The upper level is cleverly split into a sleeping area and a yoga space, which makes sense given the size of the house.
The furniture stands out because it is useful and saves space. For example, tables can be folded up and closets are built right in. Beds also have storage hidden underneath them. “Everything has to have its own place, and I follow this rule very carefully,” Trinh says.
Even though the kitchen is small, it is cleverly designed to be fully functional so that it can be used for both cooking and hosting guests.
Trinh says that people who are thinking about moving to a tiny home should try living in one for a short time to see if it fits their needs.

Do you think you could live in a house like this?
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