What worried fans saw in Kate Middleton’s first video after surgery: “She had something done to her face”

What worried fans saw in Kate Middleton’s first video after surgery: “She had something done to her face”

What worried fans saw in Kate Middleton’s first video after surgery: “She had something done to her face”

Since two months ago, a lot of things have been said about Kate Middleton. It seems like almost every part of her life has been talked about.

If you personally find it interesting to read a lot of rumors and theories about what happened, you’re in luck today because there’s more to read in the form of comments about how Kate looks in a video that was reportedly taken over the weekend.

It’s likely that you’ve seen the clip in question. It shows Kate Middleton walking with Prince William. The two are said to have gone to a farm shop near Adelaide Cottage that is special to the Princess of Wales.

The video has been hotly debated, as is the case with almost everything Kate-related these days. There are people on the internet who don’t think it’s just the first video of Kate since her surgery in January. They think the woman in the video isn’t Kate at all and that the Royal Family is still pulling the biggest lie ever.

Of course, the royal family is partly to blame for the rise of doubters. Since they haven’t said anything new since Kate’s “planned abdominal procedure” earlier this year, there has been a vacuum where speculation and rumors can grow.

Along with the mess with Kate’s Mother’s Day picture—the one that was pulled by the world’s biggest photo agencies because people thought it had been “manipulated”—there are good reasons to be suspicious.

News sources say that the man who filmed Kate over the weekend has now added his opinion to try to reassure those who don’t believe that there is anything shady going on.

Nelson Silva, who is 40 years old, was at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday afternoon and saw the royal couple near the bread section. Before the woman turned her head, Silva didn’t know he “knew” her.

In the end, he stood behind the couple in the meat section and watched as they talked to the staff.

“I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but the staff seemed happy to be busy.” “The girl at the counter was so shocked that she could hardly breathe when I went to pay for my food,” he told The Sun.

“Everyone was very happy in there.” It was a really nice setting.

Then Silva went outside to make a short video for his family in Portugal. He said he didn’t know “Kate was so much in the news.”

“I began to record as Kate and William walked toward the parking lot.” “They looked really happy and at ease with each other,” he said. “It was clear that William was looking out for Kate, and I quickly stopped recording because I didn’t want to bother them.”

When he sent the video to his family through WhatsApp, they were shocked by what they saw.

“Oh my god, she’s still alive!” We haven’t seen her since last year. “I’m not really into rumors and celebrities. I like to fish and work in my allotment.”

There was a lot of talk about Silva’s video online, and some people weren’t happy with the idea that it was the first real sighting of Kate in almost three months.

Some people, who were much more suspicious, said that the woman in the video wasn’t Kate or that it might have been Kate but the Princess had some kind of facial surgery.

“She had something done to her face😳” wrote someone.

“OMG, she got a facelift😳” said someone else.

“She looks very skinny…””Very thin and gaunt,” said a third person.

A fourth person said, “She’s lost a LOT of weight.”

In the comments section, there were people who actively defended Kate. They were especially right when they pointed out that the Princess may look a little different after her surgery and recovery.

How do you feel? Can you think of a reason why that person in the clip might not be Kate Middleton? Share your thoughts below.






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