Kate & William Finally Seen Together, Kelly Ripa Bared Underwear at Oscars & 3 More Hot News of the Week

Kate & William Finally Seen Together, Kelly Ripa Bared Underwear at Oscars & 3 More Hot News of the Week

Kelly Ripa, 53, bared her underwear in a see-through dress next to her husband at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos recently found themselves in the spotlight at the Academy Awards ceremony. Ripa, in an Instagram post that quickly aroused the interest of her followers, showed off her figure in a transparent black Jason Wu dress, beautifully beaded and expertly styled by Audrey Slater.

Standing proudly next to her, Consuelos exuded elegance in a classic tuxedo. Ripa’s playful caption “Mom and Dad storming the Red Carpet” added personality.

The reception given to Ripa’s fashion choice caused a storm of emotions, reflecting the diverse reactions of her large fan base. Some fans were thrilled with comments like “Oh my God!!! This dress!!!” And “Kelly, your hair, your dress… you look great,” emphasizing the universal approval of her image.

Others expressed mild criticism or personal opinions, as exemplified by the blunt “I love you, Kelly, but not this dress.” However, it was clear that Ripa’s ability to shine, as noted in the praise, “Kelly, you especially shine in that beautiful dress,” was an undeniable consensus among her audience.

The critical comments did not end there. Some people compared her unfavorably to Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and one commenter frankly stated: “She’s hot. Her hairstyle, too carelessly wrinkled outfit are nothing compared to Catherine, Princess of Wales, who is always dressed flawlessly and with taste.”

Others wrote: “The woman, once again, managed to look in a complete mess,” “She woke up and decided that it was too difficult to get dressed, so she decided to use the sheets???” and “Who dresses her, doesn’t she have friends?”

In contrast to the wave of criticism, Megan also received strong support from fans and admirers. Compliments were showered praising her choice of clothes and general behavior, with remarks like: “I love her so much, her way of dressing and gestures” and the simple but expressive “So beautiful.”






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