People Share Their Dating Experiences That Went Horribly Wrong

People Share Their Dating Experiences That Went Horribly Wrong

Dating can be an exciting and thrilling experience, full of the promise of a connection that goes beyond the ordinary. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned and we find ourselves in awkward and cringe-worthy situations that make us want to run for the hills.

In this article, we will share some real-life stories of dating mishaps that are both humorous and unexpected.

Praise be to God, It Is Over

One woman shared her dreadful dating experience on Reddit. On their first date, her partner dominated the conversation, venting his frustrations about every aspect of his life without giving her a chance to speak. To make matters worse, he ordered her food without asking and ended up pouring juice all over himself.

Throughout the evening, he continued to criticize the staff and express his superiority. When the bill arrived, she suggested they split it, but he yelled at her in response. Despite leaving money on the table, he continued his rant.

Feeling unsafe, she walked home with him to avoid a confrontation, but he tried to force himself on her. She fought back, threw more money at him, and sent him a stern message. Sadly, his family never spoke to her again.

Leaving the Building

Another Reddit user recalls a first date with a woman who insisted on dining at an expensive restaurant. Throughout the lunch, she was constantly on her phone, answering calls and responding to texts. The observant waitress discreetly offered to prepare separate bills, and he gratefully accepted. He settled his half of the bill and left.

A passionate kiss for the two of you

A young man in the Air Force found himself on a surprise blind date arranged by his flatmate. To everyone’s surprise, his date brought a huge blue rabbit with her. They decided to go to the movies, and she insisted on bringing the rabbit along. After the movie, she suggested that he not only kiss her but the rabbit as well, to prevent jealousy. He played along and kissed the rabbit, appreciating his date’s uniqueness.

Putting an end to It All

A man’s friend arranged a date for him against his will. To make matters worse, when they arrived at the theatre, his date introduced him to her parents and her nine-year-old brother, who joined them for the movie. Despite enduring the kicking from the young boy, he decided to excuse himself and leave.

An Incomprehensible Request

A woman recalled on Twitter her first date at the London Zoo, where her date unexpectedly asked her to pay for her own ticket. She agreed, and he produced a two-for-one voucher, allowing himself to enter for free.

A Significant Disappointment

During a dinner date, a woman witnessed her date’s wedding band fall out of his pocket while he was reaching for his wallet. Disgusted by the situation, she immediately left and couldn’t eat because she was so repelled by the surroundings.

Where can I find the cheque?

On a first date, a woman surprised her partner by revealing that she was engaged but unsure if her fiancé was the right one. Shocked by her confession, the man hastily asked for the bill and left.

Have you ever had a terrible dating experience? Share your stories and read more about one man’s nightmare first date by clicking here. Dating can be a rollercoaster ride, but remember that each experience is a chance to learn and grow.






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