Couple says restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then reveals the truth

Georgia Restaurant Sparks Controversy with ‘Parenting Fine’
Unique Policy Raises Eyebrows
Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in North Georgia is at the center of a debate after reportedly charging parents for their children’s disruptive behavior. A disgruntled customer shared on Reddit, “The owner told me he was adding $50 to my bill due to my children’s behavior.”
Restaurant’s Clarification
Owner Tim Richter explained that, though they introduced a surcharge during COVID-19, they haven’t fined customers for kids’ behavior. Richter cited an incident with nine disruptive children, where they issued a warning. “We want parents to be parents,” he emphasized.
Public Opinions Vary
Customers hold differing views on the policy. Laura Spillman finds it absurd, saying, “Kids are cute; you shouldn’t charge for that.” Conversely, Anne Cox sees a potential fee as a reminder for parents to teach etiquette.
Consequences and Reflection
Situated by the serene Toccoa River, the restaurant’s popularity faces scrutiny. Patron Jack Schneider notes, “It’s not just a restaurant policy; it’s a societal question about what we consider respectful behavior.” The controversy prompts a broader discussion on parental responsibility and public etiquette.






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