Man Finds 5 ‘Puppies’ Under Old Mattress, Week Later He Realizes What They Really Are

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in April 2017.

A routine day of waste clearing in an English garden led to an unexpected rescue mission. Craig Mcgettrick and his coworker stumbled upon an old mattress while at work, but what lay beneath it took them by surprise – five tiny creatures they believed were puppies. Little did they know, their discovery was about to become a fascinating tale of mistaken identity and a touching reunion.

Mcgettrick, unsure whether the creatures were puppies or kittens, decided to take action and do the right thing. He carefully placed them into a cardboard box and headed to an animal rescue center. Before leaving, he posted photos on Facebook to seek advice and assistance.

These photos eventually caught the attention of Martin Hemmington, the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society. Hemmington received inquiries from Beccie, a concerned individual who suspected that the animals in the pictures might actually be fox cubs. After confirming their true identity, it became evident that these innocent cubs had been mistakenly taken to a rescue center, thinking they were puppies.
Paul McDonald, a local rescuer known as The Fox Man, explained that fox cubs initially bear little resemblance to adult foxes and are often mistaken for dog puppies due to their brown color, distinct from the red or ginger hue of adult foxes. The mother fox had likely been using the discarded mattress as a den for her cubs.

Upon connecting with McDonald, Hemmington arranged for the cubs to be retrieved from the rescue center and delivered to him. McDonald, with a heart full of compassion, embarked on the mission to reunite these fox cubs with their mother.

To attract the mother’s attention, McDonald didn’t feed the cubs, ensuring they would cry out and call for her. He placed them near the same spot where they were initially found, even adding a hot water bottle to the cardboard box to keep the cubs warm.
The suspenseful wait bore fruit when, an hour later, the mother fox finally appeared. She cautiously picked up one cub and returned several times to collect the rest, ensuring their safety.

By 7 o’clock that evening, every cub had been joyfully reunited with their mother. The empty box served as proof of this heartwarming success story.

The resolution left all involved parties, from Mcgettrick to Hemmington and McDonald, overjoyed. It was not only a rescue but a reunion that allowed nature to follow its course, a moment that McDonald described as “the best kind of rescue” in his line of work.

In a world filled with heartwarming stories, this one shines as a testament to compassion, understanding, and the remarkable bond between a mother and her cubs.

Sources: The Dodo






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