He proposed to her with a diamond ring

He proposed to her with a diamond ring

All the girls have dreamed of the ideal wedding since they were little, the dress they will wear on the special day, and the engagement ring the guy of their dreams will buy for them. At first look, these things might seem unimportant and inconsequential, but one thing is constant: all girls want things to go their way

So when the boyfriend of this attractive girl first asked her to marry him, she was ecstatic.

Everything seemed to be happening exactly as he had anticipated. A small problem, nevertheless, marred an otherwise perfect occasion.

She seemed to think that the diamond engagement ring that her fiancé had given her was too small.

The girl received a smaller diamond than she had anticipated. She thus used the Internet to air her grievances with the world, begging strangers to help her with this urgent situation.

The girl said that her fiance was well-off and could afford a more expensive diamond.

The ring’s receipt, which showed that it cost just 1,300 pounds, was also found by him. She continued by saying that although she was scared to inform her lover, she needed to appreciate the ring first since she would be wearing it for the rest of her life.

You may probably understand how folks who read his internet message responded! She was charged with possessing a host of negative traits, including being egocentric.

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