Influencer Mom Faces Major Backlash After Naming Her Newborn After This Disney Character

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in November 2023.

In a tale of defiant baby-naming choices, an Australian mom, Indy Clinton, stands proud in her decision to give her daughter the same distinctive name as former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague, brushing off critics with a bold attitude.
Molly-Mae faced a wave of comments on Instagram after announcing that she and Tommy Fury had named their daughter Bambi, inspired by the iconic Disney character. Undeterred by the criticism, Indy, a 25-year-old influencer and fitness blogger from Melbourne, Australia, not only chose the same name for her child but also defended Molly-Mae’s unconventional choice, indifferent to whether people love it or hate it.
Indy, sharing her lifelong love for the Disney classic and her habit of reading the book to her firstborn, Navy, recounted her journey to the unique name. Initially leaning towards the name Paloma for her second child, Indy was swayed by her daughter’s “sweet, curious nature” and “big brown eyes,” which resonated with the cartoon doe, prompting her to embrace the name Bambi.
Acknowledging the surprise of friends and family, Indy expressed disbelief at the coincidence when Molly-Mae also chose the name Bambi for her daughter. Undeterred by the dual use of the unique moniker, Indy, in her unyielding spirit, defended Molly-Mae’s choice, emphasizing that “great minds think alike.”

Reflecting on the naming journey, Indy shared the moment of inspiration, stating, “Four months ago, when I was giving birth, I was convinced Bambi was the most unique, unusual name that nobody would use. Good on Molly-Mae though; looks like great minds think alike.” She revealed that the initial choice was Paloma but changed course after a night of reading the book to Navy.

Indy, a fearless advocate for unique names, brushed off the criticism faced by Molly-Mae on social media, asserting that “unique names are the new trend.” Unfazed by public opinion, she boldly declared, “People will criticize anything these days, so at least give them something to talk about.”

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, Indy showcases the spirit of breaking away from conventional norms. The shared choice of Bambi becomes a symbol of unapologetic uniqueness, inviting a conversation about the evolving landscape of baby names and the freedom to choose names that resonate personally, regardless of societal expectations. In her defiant stance, Indy stands firm, unbothered by the opinions of critics, proving that, in the realm of baby names, diversity and uniqueness are here to stay.

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