Woman Stops Dead In Her Tracks When She Spots A ‘Baby Bird’, Quickly Realizes The Truth

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in September 2021.

Kym Beechey, an avid hiker in Popran National Park, Australia, recently had a nature encounter that left her both amused and slightly befuddled. Known for her leisurely pace while hiking and capturing the beauty of wildflowers with her camera, Beechey experienced a moment of excitement that took an unexpected turn.

During one of her leisurely strolls through the park, Beechey, usually unable to catch the swift movements of wildlife, spotted what she believed to be a baby tawny frogmouth, a bird resembling an owl. The creature seemed to be perched low on a limb, presenting Beechey with a rare opportunity.
Thrilled by the prospect of capturing a photo of the elusive bird, Beechey swiftly reached for her phone, ready to immortalize the moment. The seemingly smiling bird became the focal point as she zoomed in to get a closer look.

However, as Beechey focused her lens, the unexpected truth revealed itself – her feathered friend was, in fact, not a bird at all.

“It wasn’t until I focused the photo and wondered why it wasn’t flying away that I realized it was, in fact, just a banksia pod,” Beechey chuckled. “Just a cute, adorable banksia pod.”

Banksia pods, distinctive growths from banksia trees native to Australia, possess a unique appearance, and this particular pod had a charm that could easily be mistaken for a friendly bird. Despite the initial misidentification, Beechey embraced the humorous twist of her encounter with the pod masquerading as an owl-like creature.

While the bird turned out to be a botanical illusion, Beechey found joy in the encounter, turning what could have been a fleeting moment of disappointment into a source of laughter. The not-actually-a-bird picture now adds a touch of whimsy to her collection of stunning wildflower photographs.

This amusing incident serves as a reminder of the surprises that nature can offer, even when things are not what they initially seem. Beechey’s misadventure with the banksia pod adds a lighthearted twist to her hiking escapades, demonstrating that sometimes the unexpected surprises in the great outdoors come in the form of clever imitations by Mother Nature herself.

As hikers continue to explore the wonders of Australia’s national parks, stories like Beechey’s highlight the charm and unpredictability of the natural world. In the end, whether it’s a genuine bird or a banksia pod in disguise, each encounter contributes to the rich tapestry of experiences that make outdoor adventures truly memorable.

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