Isabella Strahan gives a sad update on her battle with brain cancer

Isabella Strahan gives a sad update on her battle with brain cancer

After telling the world about her battle with cancer a few months ago, Strahan has been sharing it every week on YouTube. This gives people a first-hand look at how strong she is, even though fighting cancer is hard.

Isabella spoke out about the painful side effects she has been having from chemotherapy in her most recent YouTube video.

Isabella put an ice pack on her head and said, “My head hurts.” “I think I’m going to die.” It hurts my heart.”

Sadly, those aren’t the only side effects she’s had to deal with. “Looking to the sides hurts my eyes, they’re tired,” Lisa added.

“It feels like I had a root canal all over my mouth.” They pulled out every single tooth and didn’t even do surgery to put them back in. The back of my jaw and the bottom of my tongue hurt. It hurts to drink water quickly.

Isabella said that the chemo was making her so painful that she would rather have radiation and brain surgery again. “I’d say I also like brain surgery better, but that might be too much. “This is the longest trip.”

The video was taken from Isabella’s couch at home. It was her first trip home in weeks. Isabella says she misses being at home, but she doesn’t mind staying in the hospital for long periods of time because she “feels safe.”

The 19-year-old also joked that she should change the names of her social media accounts to Mrs. Potato Head because all she’s eaten in days is potatoes. Still, she said in the video that she really wanted a thin crust pizza from Dominos with pepperoni and pineapple.

As Isabella continues to fight this cancer, she is still in our thoughts.






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