Man Sets 2 Outrageous Conditions for Public Relationship with Woman

Man Sets 2 Outrageous Conditions for Public Relationship with Woman

The anticipation bubbled within me as I prepared for our first date. I had been drawn to him from the moment we first met, his charm and wit leaving an indelible impression on my heart. So when he finally asked me out, I felt a rush of excitement coursing through my veins.

As I arrived at the designated meeting spot, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of him waiting for me. His smile was infectious, his eyes sparkling with anticipation as he greeted me warmly. We fell into easy conversation, the hours slipping away as we shared stories and laughter over dinner.

I felt a connection unlike any I had experienced before, a sense of familiarity that made me believe this could be something special. We talked all night long, lost in each other’s company, and when the evening came to a close, I left feeling elated, convinced that I had just experienced one of the best dates of my life.

But as the first light of dawn filtered through my window, my phone buzzed with a new message, shattering the illusion of perfection I had clung to so desperately. With trembling hands, I read his words, each one a cruel reminder of the reality I had tried so hard to ignore.

Hey,” the message began, its tone devoid of the warmth and affection I had come to expect. “I think you’re lovely, and I could definitely see you in my future. But, my dear, I expect immediate action for you to redeem yourself…”

My heart sank as I read his demands, each one more absurd than the last. PT 5-6 times weekly and a strict diet? The words echoed in my mind, a stark contrast to the sweet promises he had whispered in my ear just hours before.

Tears welled up in my eyes as the truth finally dawned on me. He didn’t see me for who I was, but rather for who he wanted me to be. His affections were conditional, his love a shallow facade masking his true intentions.

In that moment, I made a choice. A choice to walk away from a man who saw me as nothing more than a project to be fixed, a choice to embrace my worth and value, regardless of the expectations placed upon me by others.

And as I deleted his message, erasing him from my life with a single swipe of my finger, I felt a sense of liberation wash over me. For I had learned a valuable lesson: true love knows no conditions, and anyone who demands otherwise is not worthy of my time or affection.






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