I left a family dinner at a fancy restaurant; am I wrong?

As an anonymous Reddit user pointed out, trying to satisfy everyone often ends up pleasing no one. Their narrative reveals the intricacies of familial relationships and the significance of establishing limits.
Entering the AITA subreddit, the Redditor shares their story of growing up as a successful person in their family. Even after all of their success, they continued to have dinner with their family as soon as they got back home.
Nevertheless, the user’s usual supper took an unexpected turn when they arrived at a posh steakhouse and saw more than 20 patrons, some of whom were strangers. The user felt unprepared and overwhelmed by the larger-than-usual event, which their mother had organised.
As the evening went on, it became clear that the user was expected to pay for the lavish dinner—something they were unaware of before coming. The user felt taken advantage of and decided to leave, leaving behind a small amount and a feeling of betrayal as the bill skyrocketed.
The user’s family accused them of being rude and self-centered despite their best efforts to make amends, which led to a wave of disappointment and broken relationships. After years of giving, the user faced ingratitude and had the difficult decision to stop providing financial support, indicating a change in the dynamics within the family.
The user, feeling validated by online communities amid growing family rifts and tensions, resonated with other Redditors who applauded their activities and denounced the family’s behaviour.
This story makes readers think about the fine line that exists between personal boundaries and familial responsibilities. In the end, the user’s narrative serves as a warning, highlighting how crucial it is to stand up for oneself when dealing with injustice and ingratitude.
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