A simple farmer came across an unexplored cave!

A simple farmer came across an unexplored cave!

In 1991, a simple farmer came across an unexplored cave in Vietnam’s Phon Nha-Ke Bang National Park. A terrible roar of water greeted him at the entrance, so the man was scared and did not dare to explore it.

It seems that only in 2009 a group of scientists of British origin decided to enter the interior. What did they discover? An incredible, independent world, 5 kilometers long and 150 meters wide. After exploring the place, they confirmed that Soon Dong is the largest cave in the world.

The cave has its own flora, fauna, lakes, even clouds! Before you actually get to the cave, you must first descend 80 meters on a rope. The whole cave is crossed by a river, but there are also small lakes with water like emerald and beaches with the finest sand in the world.

Here are the images that will take your breath away:






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