Woman Finds Mysterious ‘Egg’ In Her Home And People Give Warning

A woman has posted about a mysterious ‘egg’ on her mate’s ceiling and people have commented to warn them not to touch it.

Sharing a picture of the object on Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, the original poster wrote: “This is inside my friends son’s wardrobe – they don’t know if it’s always been there & they’ve never seen it or if it’s just appeared. They’ve not long moved in.

“Anyone [got] any ideas what it is? And what they should do?”

One person wrote: “Looks like some sort of nest like a spiders nest id be careful not to disturb it or touch it or you might have millions of spiders crawling out good luck I’d call pest control
Another added: “Spider nest I had one in my cupboard and when I tried to move it millions of baby spiders run out everywhere.”

And a third suggested: “Get the hoover out, whatever it is will be well gone once Henry, hetty or Dyson suck the life out of it!”

Yet another person told the family they should ‘put a box over it,’ before adding: “Scrape it into the box. Seal and post to enemy. Enjoy.”

Sinister, but hilarious.

t seems that the ‘egg’ might have actually been something less worrying as another user (presumably the owner of the house) posted a further picture, saying: “It’s alright, it was expanding foam.”

People complained that they wanted it to be ‘something scary and exciting’ while another dubbed it an ‘anti-climax’.

To this, the woman replied: “Sorry to disappoint.”

When another user suggested she was ballsy for even checking, she added: “I didn’t, my fiancé did after he got out of work.”

Fair enough.

In case anyone does happen to have a spider’s nest though, another person wrote: “My other half was in pest control and he believes it’s a spider’s egg nest.

“You can hoover it up and then put a load of Raid in the hoover.

“If it is a spider’s nest then there will be thousands in there.”

Anyone else feeling itchy?






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