‘We’re about to be evicted since we haven’t paid rent in months,’

‘We’re about to be evicted since we haven’t paid rent in months,’

Many people, particularly in the current economic climate, struggle to pay their rent or take care of their families’ fundamental needs.

This young family only had seven days to vacate their home, and it looks like they might end up living on the streets.

Amy Winter, 26, and Joshua Thain, 27, are parents to three young kids.

Their fourth child is currently on the way thanks to Amy. Sadly, the young couple is receiving welfare and hasn’t made a rent payment in months.

A deadline of January 31 was set for the couple to leave their home. They are now watching for them to break down the door as a result.

We’ve reached the point where we are too terrified to leave the house or do anything. I’ve asked my family for help, but they only have one and two-bedroom houses, so they can’t help with housing.

The only person prepared to assist is my partner’s uncle, however he lives in Somerset.

American author Amy Winter resides in

With their father Joshua Thain are Amy Winter and her three kids, Lexi, Skye, and Daisy-Mae. This picture was given by The Huddersfield Examiner.

According to accounts, no one wants to help them.

The housing association allegedly threatened to “throw them on the streets,” Amy told The Sun. The pair allegedly turned down choices from Barnsley Council since doing so would have required the family to be split up.

“Instead of telling us one thing and then another, I think Barnsley Council should get off their asses and figure out what they’re going to do,” I said, “‘I ain’t dividing my family just because you want me to,’” given everything that had occurred, including the passing of Josh’s mother.

Sadly, Sanctuary Housing is the property’s owner, and none of the couple’s identities can be found on the lease. They assert to have shared a residence with Victoria Robertshaw, Joshua’s mother. But she passed away at the age of 45 in Covid in August of last year.

The council insists that they have taken all action possible.

A Sanctuary Housing spokesman told Yorkshire Live that this was not a hurried or spontaneous decision. For months, the couple has occupied the home without making rent payments.

“A judge granted an outright possession order for this home on Monday, January 31, compelling the tenants to vacate within seven days. The case involved significant rent arrears that had accumulated as a result of several months of nonpayment. This home may then be assigned to a family who are currently on Barnsley’s housing list, the company stated. “We have been liaising with Barnsley Council to ensure the residents can get alternative accommodation as quickly as possible.”

Councilwoman Jenny Platts from Barnsley contributed to the conversation. The couple is still receiving assistance from our housing team, who are advising them on their housing options and aiding them in finding for alternate housing.






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