Saying a prayer for Patrick Duffy

Saying a prayer for Patrick Duffy

Nobody would be able to move on from the untimely death of a loved one. That is what Dallas star Patrick Duffy feels up to this day. The horrific facts of his parents’ murder, which took place decades ago, are still fresh in his mind.

In a violent night in 1986, Patrick Duffy’s parents were shot to death. And this brutality destroyed his life thirty years later. And right now, he is opening up about his ordeal.

The actors’ parents, Terence and Marie Duffy were murdered to death in the restaurant they owned in Boulder, Montana in November 1986. “My father kicked these two young men out of the bar at some point in the evening,” Duffy said in a recent interview. So they went and drank elsewhere… and returned to the bar to punch him in the behind.

They shot him when they entered the pub brandishing their weapons. They shot both my mother and father because there was nobody else in the establishment.

The murderers were inebriated and sought retribution. They had the intention of murdering his parents both. They ruthlessly took their life, ruining Duffy in the process. He claimed that “all the emotions of the awful occurrence” have been riding a roller coaster throughout the past thirty years. His memories of the episode are still quite vivid, including his shock and indignation.

The couple was brutally murdered by Sean A. Wentz and Kenneth A. Miller, two 19-year-olds at the time. They were found guilty of intentionally killing someone. Given that Wentz fired the gun, he received a 180-year prison term.

On the other hand, Miller, who later served his time in prison and was freed in 2007, was an accomplice. Duffy reacted positively to Miller’s release by saying, “I’m cool with that. From my perspective, he has already received punishment. Whether he is incarcerated or not, you know.

Although his parents were taken from him too young, he claimed that he never felt spiritually estranged from them. “I never felt that acute loss,” he remarked. Being a Buddhist was the cause, though I was unaware of this at the time.

He claims that he is seeing the incident spiritually. Yet even that couldn’t erase the fact that his parents were murdered by youths for no apparent reason in the first place.

It was difficult for him to lose his parents, who he described as being quite sociable and decent people. His parents were rather common and kind. Those who knew them will undoubtedly miss them. And throughout those years, Duffy’s wife, Carlyn Rosser, provided assistance.

His wife passed away in 2017 at the age of 77, which was another devastating loss for Duffy. It was unexpected when Mom passed away, he said. There was not a hint. So, that was the major alteration. Yet he receives support from his sons, Padriac, 45, and Connor, 39, as he adjusts to the loss of his wife.

My boys were there as stalwarts,” he remarked. But I also understood that, despite their best efforts to support old dad, I am probably better suited to this particular situation than they are. The road ahead is significantly shorter than the road behind after you reach a certain age.

It’s a good thing Patrick Duffy’s boys were actively involved in helping their father deal with the loss of his wife and parents.






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