Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears

Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears

The Sum Of It All, a Disney+ documentary that follows musician Ed Sheeran as he works on his fifth album, Subtract, and provides a window into his personal life, has had some of its segments made public.

Sheeran commented on the process leading up to the project as he published the clip on Instagram and acknowledged that the finished product differs significantly from his original vision. He claims that although the docuseries was meant to show his rise to prominence, it wound up following him on a personal trip instead.

The four-part series will also detail Sheeran’s recent struggles, the tumor his wife was diagnosed with, and the passing of Jamal Edwards, his mentor and close friend.

Edwards, the creator of SBTV and recipient of an MBE for his work in the music business, passed away on February 20, 2022, at the age of 31. Because Edwards was essential in Sheeran’s professional development, the television show depicts the singer sobbing inconsolably in the rear of the car after learning of the tragic death of his close buddy.

Sheeran also experienced another loss when his wife Seaborn received a tumor diagnosis while she was carrying their second kid. The future mother couldn’t be treated until after she gave birth, so they were plagued with “fear, depression, and anxiety.”

“A series of incidents impacted my life, my mental health, and eventually how I regarded music and art in the beginning of 2022. I use songwriting as therapy. While announcing his upcoming album earlier this month, Shape of You singer added, “Music helps me make sense of my feelings.”

Recent music from Sheeran is called Eyes Closed.
“This song is about losing someone and feeling like everything simply makes you think of them and the things you did together every time you go out.

The sorrow of loss can sometimes be dulled by sort of removing yourself from reality, but other things just drag you back into it.

Jamal liked blue, but right now, that’s all I feel. I’m dancing while closing my eyes to attempt to get through it since, according to music, healing can occur.

The four sections of The Sum of It All are titled “Love,” “Loss,” “Balance,” and “Life.”

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