Mia Robertson struggles to control her tears

Mia Robertson struggles to control her tears

Mia Robertson, the daughter of Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Jase Robertson is in sorrow this week after learning of the death of a man who had a profound influence on her life.

The previous Saturday, the young patient’s long-time physician, Dr. David Genecov, was killed in a car accident. Mia’s mother Missy Robertson shared the news on Instagram while her daughter Mia underwent a series of operations to correct a cleft lip and palate, explaining how her husband’s abilities and medical discoveries made a difference.

Missy writes, “His kind attitude helped soothe her (and me), but his persistent assurance to both of us that we can accomplish the difficult tasks helped make both Mia and I stronger than we could have imagined possible. His unwavering belief in our abilities to do difficult tasks helped both of us become stronger than we could have imagined.

Mia Robertson’s journey has been well-documented since she was a very young child. She underwent her 14th procedure in July, which she hopes will be her final one. In order to ensure that every kid has the chance to smile, the Her Mia Moo Fund was created.

Missy Robertson claims that she told Mia about the circumstance, and Mia is taking it very hard. Mia’s participation in the decision-making process and Dr. Genecov’s flawless appearance will both play a key role in how the family remembers him.

For the journey her cleft would travel, he was more than we could have ever hoped or imagined. We are incredibly appreciative of the work he did for Mia and all of his patients who suffered cleft lips and palates, as well as the legacy of medical advancements he leaves behind for future generations. He will be greatly missed.

Mia hasn’t yet brought up the event in any of her social media posts. She can’t remember her life before she met Dr. David, her mother continued. We kindly ask that you pray for his family and for everyone else who is grieving his passing.






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