5 Times DNA Tests Shake Family’s Lives Upside Down

5 Times DNA Tests Shake Family’s Lives Upside Down

There are different reasons why people might ask for DNA or paternity tests. But the five stories below show how it can hurt relationships and end marriages.

People deal with children differently now that they can get DNA tests. In the stories below, five Reddit users talk about how getting DNA tests changed their lives in big ways.

Both Parents Discover Their Child Isn’t Biologically Theirs

On Reddit, a 29-year-old woman said that she met her 31-year-old husband in college and loved him very much. Their relationship was going well until her husband chose to get a DNA test. They had a five-year-old daughter together.

The test came back negative, and the woman’s husband began to like her more. It shocked the original writer (OP) that she had been caught cheating on him. She insisted that since she and her husband were already married when they tried to have a child, no one else could be the father of their girl.

“I never cheated; I never would cheat.”

OP had only slept with two other guys before she met her husband. Because of the effects, OP’s husband started working longer hours and wouldn’t talk to his wife as much as he used to. They both had blue eyes, but the little girl had brown eyes, which made him suspect. He told her he had taken the test.

At one point, he told OP to leave their house, but after he cooled down, he agreed to talk about it more. They decided to test a few things to find out the truth. He said he would go crazy if the tests didn’t show that his wife wasn’t guilty.

They shocked everyone by taking a blood paternity test that showed neither of them was the girl’s biological dad. The police were called, and an officer came over to take the family’s accounts. Their lives were drastically changed.

When OP and her husband sued the hospital where she gave birth, they stood together. As she thought about where the child might be, the thought of her real daughter scared her. The thing that scared her the most, though, was what would happen when the little girl was found.

Even though she was interested in her birth daughter, she was still her five-year-old’s guardian and didn’t want the child to find out they weren’t her birth parents because it would ruin her youth. She was also afraid that the child would tell her friends and school about her, which would cause people to talk badly about her.

A few weeks later, OP went back to Reddit to say that they had found their real daughter and was taking care of her. The child’s fake parents picked her up right from the hospital, but when the cops found out she wasn’t their real child, they put her in foster care.

OP and her husband tried to adopt their biological child from the foster parents of the child. They got about $2 million as settlement money from the court case about how negligent the hospital was. They told their daughter, who they had lived with for years, that her sister was coming to stay with them.

Even with everything going on, OP and her husband told the little girl they still loved her. This time, she and her husband were going to move to a different place to start over with their kids. Lucky for us, that story had a happy finish. But what happened to the father who took a test because his child had darker skin?

Man Secretly Takes a Paternity Test to Appease His Family

A 30-year-old Brazilian-American woman on Reddit asked for help with her problem in the “Relationship Advice” subreddit in 2022. She said that she and her 29-year-old Serbian husband had a girl who was three years old and looked different from them.

People in her husband’s family were fair-skinned, but people in her family were light brown and of mixed race. The Redditor and her husband were close to their extended families and took their child to see them often to learn about other cultures.

The couple’s daughter was born with smooth hair and fair skin. As she grew up, her hair turned darker brown. The rest of the family is interested in how the child’s face is changing because even her hair is getting curlier.

Their daughter was interesting to the Redditor’s husband’s family, who were always interested in their lives. There was a joke in her husband’s family a year before she wrote the post about “the milkman” and how she got too much sun while she was pregnant.

The mean jokes kept coming out, but the child’s mother didn’t respond until they stopped. She looked through her husband’s phone’s gallery for days before posting on Reddit. While they fixed a fence problem, they were looking for a certain shot.

She clicked on the picture of the document because she thought it was what she was looking for, but it turned out to be a paternity test result! The test showed that her husband is the father of their daughter. When she asked him about it, he admitted that he had done it a year before because his family was always asking him about the child’s darker skin.

He said that his family made him take the test because they thought his wife might have been cheating on him. The issue of his child’s fatherhood came up every time he went to see his family, and she remembered how angry and stressed he would be when he got home.

He generally said that his bad behavior was because of problems at work or with his family. The person on Reddit got mad and asked him why he was even thinking about it and how rude it was to her and their daughter. The man said he had never really thought about it and that he only took the test to make his family happy.

He tried to defend himself by showing her old messages in which he had backed her and tried to calm his family’s fears. Even though he tried to act innocent, his wife was still angry, especially since he had chosen to hide the test.

She knew that the memories of the times they spent with his family were tainted by their false views of her and her daughter. Her husband said he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to bother her.

The Redditor’s husband admitted fault and apologized, but being with his family no longer made her feel better. She was upset, but she also found it hard to let go of the problem for her daughter’s sake.

The mother of the child asked her husband if he trusted her after what happened. As a result of the trust breach, the pair was not as close, honest, and lively as they used to be. The fight was their first major argument, and she didn’t know what to do next. Although her story didn’t have a happy finish, this one will not leave you hanging.






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