Sick Grandpa’s Inheritance Is Divided according to How Each Family Member Treated Him

An anonymous poster on the “Petty Revenge” subreddit shared a poignant story of an elderly man, mentally sharp but physically weakened by strokes, leading a solitary life. Despite limitations, he generously gifted money during special occasions, cherishing family attention. When it was time to divide his inheritance, the focus shifted to those genuinely connecting with him. The caretaker meticulously managed the financial legacy in a trust, aligning with the father’s wishes. Checks were prepared for grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with amounts tied to notes, visits, and outings, reflecting the heartfelt moments shared. Two individuals received symbolic amounts, emphasizing inclusion. A 14-year-old great-niece, dedicated to caring for her great-grandpa, received a substantial gift, highlighting the impact of genuine gestures. The inheritance distribution sparked anticipation and potential familial discord, as the poster acknowledged, “The feathers will be flying when the envelopes are opened.”






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