Man with a Large Hemangioma in his Upper Lips – Complete Before & After Case Study

Life with acne can be annoying, but we can help you clear your skin with our acne products.

A consultation with one of our skin care experts is the best way to determine which of these treatments will help brighten your skin and get rid of acne for a long time. After your first in-studio acne treatment, one of our experienced estheticians can review a variety of products with you to help you customize products designed to fight acne and improve your skin.

Our team of Holladay dermatology and aesthetic experts can uncover the root cause of your acne flare-ups and provide you with the right treatment that will work better and faster than products available on pharmacy shelves. Dr. Fua can incorporate all of these treatment options into your acne treatment plan, depending on what works for your skin.






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