The terrible tale behind a photograph of a 6-year-old child bidding farewell to his dying sister

Big Brother did not want to leave his sister behind.
He invited friends and relatives to send them a heartfelt and mournful message if they wanted to bid their beloved daughter a final goodbye.
In addition, Matt asked for prayers for his older brother Jackson, who steadfastly remained at his sister’s side.
Shortly after Jackson bid his younger sister good night and expressed his love for her, she passed away.
“Beautiful child delighted in helping others.”

A few hours later, the family posted on the Facebook page Hope for Addy Joy – Fighting DIPG to announce their daughter’s passing.

“She passed from this life to the next in the same manner that she had lived: peacefully and stubbornly, with her family by her side.” It stated, “She was not in any pain at all at the end.”
“Even though this is just a temporary farewell, we really miss our baby girl.”

The brain and spine tumors that Addy had were given for scientific research with the intention of “saving future children from a similar fate.”

They wrote on their Facebook page, “We thought this would be a great way to show our sweet girl’s giving heart. She loved helping people and giving gifts.”
Everyone has known someone affected by this horrible illness, but it’s particularly heartbreaking when children are affected.

Rest in peace, Addy, little angel.






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