Pregnant Wife’s Shocking Discovery in the Oven After Husband’s Unexpected Departure!

Amanda Sydney’s life was beginning to appear somewhat better. Australia-born Amanda had high hopes for 2017—a year full of grandeur, love, and a promising future!
She and her spouse had been trying for a child for three hard years when she finally became pregnant, and they had recently moved into their newly renovated home after more than two years of renovations.
Amanda was thriving; in fact, if she had tried, she couldn’t have been happier. Her life, as well as her aspirations and expectations, were about to be severely destroyed.
Her spouse suddenly revealed to her that he intended to leave and he did so without any hesitation, walking out the door! Amanda had little time to breathe because she was pregnant, alone, and had a mountain of bills!

With little money and a baby due soon, Amanda thought about her predicament alone. She was a total emotional mess and had no idea what the future held for her or her child. Fortunately, her friend Anna was by her side, offering emotional support. However, it was Anna who thought it would be a fantastic idea to write to KIIS 1065, the local radio station, asking if they would consider including her in their “give back” program.
After learning about Amanda’s situation, the radio station made the decision to become involved and offer support. They pulled in local companies to create an incredible display because they realized that they would be difficult to assist on their own.
Amanda was unaware of what was about to happen when they asked her and Anna to the radio studios to record a piece. She explained to the radio guests that the mystery around the entire scenario was the worst aspect.

Amanda said:

“It’s been about five weeks since it happened” … “And the biggest thing is just the shock, I guess because it wasn’t really what we planned, or what I planned.”

Amanda finished telling her story then the radio hostess turned to her to face a television screen behind her, it was a video tour of her new house. They highlighted what they had done for her to help, to her surprise!

A vacuum cleaner was to symbolize free home cleaning for the next six months, the food in the refrigerator was a gift from Eat Fit Food, and a commitment to bring daily meals for the next three months! On the countertop was $4,000 of baby supplies for her, with a $1,000 voucher for baby pictures even!!

But when the camera came to the oven, and the door was open, everyone lost it!!
Inside the oven was a huge stack of cash… $10,000 so Amanda will not have to worry about her mortgage for quite some time, amazing right?

Amanda was in floods of tears, all she could muster to say was:

“It means I don’t have to move now…I can’t thank you enough, I really can’t.”

It’s definitely not the 2017 she had imagined, or even wished for, but because of the generosity of strangers, it was now possible to have such a great start, over again, for her and her baby.

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