Elon Musk Warns Biden Admin ‘Sleepwalking Into World War III’

Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk issued a dire warning to the Biden administration last week during a Twitter Spaces event that he believes the White House is “sleepwalking” into the next global war.

During the online event hosted by David Sacks and featuring 2024 GOP presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy, Musk deadpanned that the U.S. “should try to avoid that if at all possible.”
“Let’s just say that in order for there to be a global conflict, a World War Three, you have to have two superpower alliances where one cannot easily defeat the other. And that is the case,” he said, noting that U.S. policy under President Joe Biden is driving Russia and China closer together.

“And that, I think, is a massive shift in thinking that most people do not understand. Most people on this call may understand, but most do not. I think we want to try to avoid that,” he added. “I hope it is not something that the tides of history are simply going to sweep us in that direction because there is a strong argument that these things are actually unavoidable and the tides of history will sweep us in that direction whether we like it or not. But we should try to avoid that if at all possible.”

He noted further: “Unfortunately, our policy has been forcing Russia and Iran to ally with China; it’s been forcing them. What choice have we given them?”
He went on to speculate that together, Russia and China are formidable.

“Russia has the raw materials, and China has the industrial capacity. It’s, frankly, a perfect match from a war standpoint. So I think we need to stop doing that. It’s unwise, and I think it will lead to an immense risk to civilization,” he said.
“I want to emphasize there’s a civilizational risk—there are tragedies on an individual level, tragedies on a community level, and then there’s civilizational risk. We just need to make sure that we’re not putting civilization itself at stake, which is World War Three,” said Musk, who is the principal shareholder in the “X” platform, formally Twitter.

“I think we are sleepwalking our way into World War Three, sleepwalking our way into World War Three with one foolish decision after another,” Musk reiterated. “Really, people should be deeply self-reflective. If they make their predictions come true. They should consider whether perhaps their predictions might not come true either.

“What is the track record here? It’s not good,” he said.

Earlier, Musk discussed specific policies that Biden or those in charge of his administration are pursuing that raise the possibility of international conflict.
“With this weaponization of the dollar, I think we’ve overplayed our hand. Weaponizing the dollar with sanctions. You’re now seeing a lot of countries de-dollarize their transactions because we’ve sort of forced it,” the billionaire said.
“This goes beyond Russia, China, and Iran because countries like Brazil or India still want to transact with Russia, and they can’t do it with dollars, so we’ve forced them to de-dollarize their transactions, thus weakening the strength of the dollar in the world,” he said.
Currently, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, which bodes well for Americans but would be catastrophic economically if the world chose a different currency, given the massive $33 trillion debt owed by the U.S. government.
“So, these actions are strategically foolish. Like I said, we should stand back and ask what is the most important thing,” Must told the Twitter Spaces event.
“The most important thing is avoiding World War Three because we may never recover from it. And I think we currently have the risk of World War Three increasing rapidly. I think if relations are renormalized with Russia, the probability of World War Three is dramatically lower,” he said.






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